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Kingdom Dominion Church of God Gallery
Here are some examples of our latest work. 
 Mission Statement

The missionary department is designed to empower humanity to help in the surrounding communities that need services. 

 We have re-imagined how to help our communities with our outreach program due to the pandemic and online services and in so doing strengthen our Church system to ensure healthy communities through a team of committed members.


  • Continuously seek to save souls by spreading the gospel
  • To strengthen families by praying for them and with them
  • Supporting the weak and downtrodden
Missions Director - Kurlene Morris
Pursuing Our Mission

  • We do this by reaching the hungry and bereaved
  • Providing school supplies for needy children
  • Distributing tracts and visiting the people who are sick, shut in, deceased
  • Charitable clothing and financial donations for the needy via social media – Next Door app


  • Lack of members’ participation – the thought that it is your idea you deal with it
  • Lack of funding
  • Collaboration and Support
  • Need to inject professionalism
  • Community centered


  • Seeking help from the Bishop and First Lady to Outline a better organizational structure
  • Recruit volunteers via the App Next Door and other social media
  • meeting with those involved
  • plan events to generate funds to go towards the purchase of items
  • --Fish fry
  • -- garage sale
  • -- raffle
  • --tea party (online)